Custom Design

Our team of experienced and professional staff can work closely with you to innovate and custom make your attachment or accessory.

Some projects we have worked on:

  • Ripper Bucket: Required for aggressive digging in hard shale
  • Head Bracket – Auger: Excavator frame to pin auger swing link arm and drive
  • Grader Blade attachment: Dozing / leveling / ballast positioning
  • Stick Rake: Sifting Shrubbery and clearing
  • Static / Hydraulic Thumbs: Extra application of grappling when used in conjunction with the bucket
  • Skid Steer 4 in 1 Bucket: Variety of applications – grading, scraping, dozing, grappling
  • Wheel Loader General Purpose Loader Bucket: Everyday loader operation
  • Wheel Loader Light Material Loader Bucket: Bulk loading of loose materials
  • Wheel Loader Hitch: Safe and accelerated coupling / uncoupling of attachments

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