Tilt Bucket

For precise forming of intricate terrain shapes, the Tilt Bucket offers the operator far more possibility than the conventional buckets.

Actuates by two heavy duty hydraulic cylinders, the tilt bucket can tilt to 45 degree angle on either side, allowing the operator to cut, trim and form complex terrain features and minimize the need for secondary trimming operations, thus save time and money. Our tilt buckets are commonly used for the creation of slope banks, digging of swimming pool, golf course constructions etc.

The digging profile and its wider length also allow the tilt bucket to double as a normal mud /ditch cleaning bucket for quick transfer of loose material.

Our tilt buckets are designed and constructed to the very highest standards. This means the use of premium high strength wear plates for lighter weight and higher structural strength.

As the key components in the tilt bucket, the hydraulic cylinder is designed to be use in heavy duty operations. Extra thick cylinder barrel and quality high pressure seals are used for longer service life under high hydraulic pressure. Cylinder rod is also made from induction hardened SAE 4140 alloy steel for ultimate strength and durability.

Pins are bushes are induction hardened for long wear life and are also grease-able for ease of maintenance.

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